My 2¢ while using MacBook Pro.

Developer’s Tool

Webpage inspector also works on Safari(see: “Apple Developer”)

  1. Open Safari > Settings > Advanced > Enable Show fatures for web developers checkbox
  2. [MAYBE] Restart Safari
  3. OPT + CMD + i to open inspector

Homepage to Favorites

If you want to use New Tab Page as Home Page, you can go to Settings, Home Page and enter favorites://.

Then you can go to New Tab Page on any webpage, with shortcut below.

Shortcut: CMD + SHIFT + H

Move between Tab Groups

I utilize Tab Groups rather than Profiles (without any specific reason, just preference). If you’re like me, you will love this little shortcut which allows moving between tab groups.

Shortcut: CMD + OPT + UP/DOWN

Insert emoji with external keyboard


Change CTRL + SPC to nil for Emacs

Settings > Keyboard tab > Keyboard Shortcuts... button > Input Sources tab > Uncheck Select the previous input source ⌃Space

You can still change the input source with

  1. Select next source in input menu ⌃⌥Space
  2. Fn + Tab, which input the CapsLock key in HHKB
  3. CapsLock